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Username: Rmotion
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 12:39 AM GMT
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Subject: A note to ICANN


        I urge the members of ICANN when deciding the new TLD's that they look at the best interest of the people of the internet and free market competition.
I find it disturbing that the Afilias group is using very powerful company to align itself with the .web and other TLD's.
Network Solutions has a monopoly on the internet, overcharging name registrations and have an unfair business advantage! Do they really need more opportunity to register additional TLD's? I do not think so.

Some problems with Network Solutions that are very disturbing:

1. Conflict of interest with Ken Stubbs, Afilias and ICANN!
2. Irresponsibility in managing the .com/.net/.org directory, not to mention overcharging name registration!
3. Legal troubles with ICANN. Apparently resolved but does that matter?
4. Undermining and avioding ICANN's application process by forming Afilias, NSI's loosly guised cover!
4. Class action suit claiming that NSI is hoarding over 3 million names that do not belong to them!

These facts should be prudently scrutinized. The fact that Ken Stubbs has a direct conflict of interest with Network solutions, Afilias and ICANN completely tilts the balance of fairness in the deciding the new TLD's. How can I as a concerned net citizen feel that the decisions of ICANN will be fair with a direct insider voting and deciding on issues that he is intimately involved with?

Also one must questions Network Solutions intentions and abilities regarding their managing or better yet mismanaging of the directory! There is a class action law suit to pry open the names that Network Solutions is apparently hoarding for themselves. When will things be justified!

Their application is just another example that big business and money in this country get what they want an the individual law abiding citzen gets nothing?

These allegations are very important to the net industry and the world. I feel if ICANN does not do what is right that their job as a governing body is doomed. With a forum that is as transparent as the internet there is no room for unjust happenings.

Please do what is right.

Thank You


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