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Username: KMalorny
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 7:44 AM GMT
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Du gehst mir auf den Senkel!

We (Knipp) clearly state that the preregistration we offer is based on
the original plan CORE had. We also state that we don't know whether
we can fulfill these pre-registrations due to the change of the situation.
But please read self:


Because of the intervention of the american government and the
consequences resulting from that the question, which domains will
be selected, is now open again. At the beginning of its activities,
CORE had aimed the activation of the top level domains .shop, .info,
.rec, .nom, .arts, .firm and .web. As CORE had been one step before
operating those top level domains, we, Knipp, created a way for a
non-binding pre-registration of those domains. As we and CORE
have the objective that at least a part of the domains will be
activated, we have kept the pre-registration alive.

We will extend/adjust our pre-registration possibilities as soon as
the new top level domains have been determined.

The **PRE**registration is free and non-binding for both sides and WAS
thought to channelize the requests we got during the preparation of
CORE's approach.

so can you please tell me what's wrong with it?



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