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Username: bags
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 4:56 PM GMT
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Subject: Why is this even happening...


I can think of very few things worse that handing TLD over to a unlimited number of private companies.  As we've seen with the .com problem, this is only going to make issues like squatting much much worse.  What is going to keep a company from grabbing a great TLD like .web, .kids, .law from abusing it's power and preventing companies from having websites, or find successful companies that now depend on the URL and charging them outrageous amounts.  What is going to prevent the TLD companies from being "bribed" by large companies for prime URLs.  Isn't the internet supposed to be an open forum.

The problem is that a URL can be more important then a trademark these days, and can you imagine if trademarks were handed out and sold by private companies.  TLD should be handled by a government or a group of government's, NOT PRIVATE COMPANIES.


This whole concept is a travesty. 

Please, please don't let this happen!!!!

I signed up for a .web URL a few months ago because I want to see what the process was and read all the "legalize".  If just received a email from IOD asking me to go post in favor of them on this board.  This made me sick to my stomach.  Is this what the internet has really come down to.  Private companies campaigning for votes?  Why, so IOD can now hold my URL over my head.  So IOD can reserve URL's like Pepsi.web, Coke.web, Nike.web and sell them to the rightful trademark holds for millions of dollars? 

I know someone that went in a reserved every single .web extension he could think of for big companies and plans on selling them back if IOD gets the .web registration.  Is this fair?  Maybe big companies will win on trademark issues, but for small companies, they will have no choice, or will be put out of business, or will be force to not have their URL.  This is the kind of "Oklahoma land rush" mentality this process creates.

I run a very small company that depends on my web presence, this TLD plan will put me out of business as I have to fight for every TLD to defend my trademark.



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