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Username: shawn
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 9:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Ken Stubbs Personal Reply:


      I was mildly surprised to hear from Ken Stubbs personally this afternoon by email regarding my above posting. Here it is, however I wish Ken and others would come out into the open here and answer some of our questions. Ken, I have no vendetta! Only feel that you are in a conflict of interest here.

its quite interesting to see that you never mentioned that:

1) IO Design elected to sue me personally as well as CORE
2) The court awarded a judgement against IODesign in this suit

personal vendetta's are a very poor way to advocate for any organization's TLD proposal

if i were you, i would concentrate on the positive aspects of any proposal i supported, but, then again, i am not you...

best wishes to you

ken stubbs
p.s. say hello to jay for me! >

There you have it!

Shawn Kelly


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