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Username: marshm
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 8:46 PM GMT
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Subject: There is NO similarity



I would check your facts before you make such an obtuse analogy.

First, Citizens Band was once the Amateur Radio 11 Meter Band, with propagation characteristics that were quite unreliable during volatile sunspot activity = one day you talk to Australia, the next day you can barely get across the street.

Lobbying by groups who thought the amateur radio community was unfair (because of testing) successfully got the 11 Meter Band opened up for citizens, originally requiring a license (officially, you still need a license).

The only "additional" frequencies used for CB were the addition of channels 24-40 during the peak of CB usage.  These were only additional, specific frequencies within the original bandwidth.  No additional frequencies were allocated.

A more appropriate comparison could be made if the government decided to open up dial-up centers around the country to facilitate dial-up ISP access, at a time when cable, DSL and other options are available.  For a short time, this would provide additional bandwidth (ie more channels).  But the medium of dial-up will eventually be supplanted, just as CB was.

de Gene Marsh


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