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Username: vdfman
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 7:56 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN is the cause of the indignation, NOT IOD supporters


While a civilized and rational new TLD's discussion is clearly desirable, there are reasons why it is simply not possible here, and it is NOT due the nature or caliber of the participants in this forum:

1) ICANN has a history of ignoring both public opinion and recommendations from it's own supporting organizations and working groups.  There is reason to believe this forum is nothing more than an annoying formality that THEY have to "put up with". ICANN's history of hubris causes natural indignation and frustration on the part of active participants in the process who believe they are not going to be listened to anyway.

2) This fact combined with seemingly flagrant conflicts of interest on the part of a certain individual causes further natural and justifiable indignation based upon reasonable perceptions of an injust process. Who will stand up right now and argue there is NO reason to have a serious concern here??

3)The 2 week comment period is short, and people do want to be heard

4)The stakes really are extremely high as vital decisions are about to be made regarding the domain name system of the 21st century.  Millions of dollars are at stake for nearly all entities involved.

5)National Press has not, as yet, given this issue serious attention.  The few articles regarding new TLD's have been cursory and misleading at best oft-paying attention only to Afilias and no other applicants.

The net result of these factors is the creation of a group of desperate individuals sensing an injust process that will produce an important decision that will affect their lives or businesses. There is little faith in the process to put people at ease.

However, ICANN has a chance to prove those who have little faith wrong by making a fair decision regarding the adoption of new TLD's.

That said, those who take a civilized, holier-than-thou approach when appraising Afilias cannot claim intellectual integrity without first knowledgably contending:
1) how Network Solutions won't benefit disproportionately should Afilias "win" a new TLD,
2) how Ken Stubbs is NOT in a position of influence and specialized knowledge at ICANN
3) how IOD's work as a pioneer accords them no rights

In sum, true knowledge of the context of this forum and some of the underlying dynamics RATIONALLY CAUSE indignation. To NOT be indignant shows either naivete or bias.

The one other group that also has a RIGHT to be frustrated are those companies and groups NOT affiliated with Afilias or IOD or CORE who are applying for other legitimate TLD's that may be of benefit to the Internet community.

The degradation of this new TLD process resulting from ICANN's history and discount of conflicts of interest now have produced an inflammatory debate that unfairly distracts from other legitimate new TLD applicants.

Don't blame IOD supporters, however, because they have not created the perceived inequities.

ICANN has NOT nurtured the confidence in this process necessary to support a civilized debate. People only shout to get attention.  They talk when they are confident they already have it. And, sadly, that is not the case here.

-Jeb Luther


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