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Username: ted
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 8:58 PM GMT
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Subject: trademarks and preregistration - through IOD or others


The discussion about IOD, afilas or other .web canditates seems to be the most passionate. Whats the reason about ?

item#1: who is able to fullfill the registry

we tested some registrations f.ex. IOD - (core-group of afilias) - (netnames - also afilias) aso. From technical view they all can do it.

item#2: preregistration trademarks through IOD or or from netnames aso.

As a court in Frankfurt,germany (act of justice - 6 U 81/99 - case alcon) decided, that "first come - first serve" are the rules to own a registered domain or name for trademarkholders - or any business, its up to trademarkholders to be a faster one than the other (trademarkholder).

As we are a group of joung companies in europe, we tried to register and preregister our trademarks..through -> there were preregistrations done, and some of our friends got their trademarks after official opening ... the same way through ... and now dot.web (we heard, that under there was the same game in the past).We learned handling existing rules and decided to do the same as many others have done before -> preregistration.

The statement on september from icann (or some lobbies inside ICANN) comes a little late to stop this, we hope that ICANN, make it better in the future . .anyway, we are sure, that ICANN tries to be a neutral and fair institute worldwide, and consider also european interests.

Therefore conclusion item#2 : you have to be fast, to get your trademarks domains - whether pre- or registration.

item#3: who gets the right to be registry

if all applications can fullfill (f.ex for .web), maybe also the rules "first come - first serve" are the right rules to select. In this discussion we saw, that IOD seems to be the first registry, which was also involved in selection through IANA - not the others.
Additionally, every application includes the possibility to give the registration to other providers to sell names worldwide. (hopefully) (we saw it in appl. from IOD)

item#4: need our future world monopoles

what happens with other examples, what should we take .. Microsoft - or great banks ... I am sure you find a lot of examples. Let's take Microsoft, we are fans of their products, but what happens, if a big company holds the "source code" alone - or get additionally rights to be a greater monopol. We are sure, that nobody of this world will agree with this - not the court of america, nor europe or a fair and neutral institute, like ICANN.

Initiative : "for a better and open internet world" - where also normal humans and young people/companies have the chance to enjoy the.web and make business through the internet.

Ted and partners from europe


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