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Username: cyber-cynic
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 5:12 PM GMT
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Subject: Thought Provoking


The Regland vs ICANN lawsuit is certainly thought provoking - it certainly got me thinking anyway.

We all know ICANN does not encourage pre-registrations which might not be such a bad idea, after all what if the TLD someone pre-registers for is not introduced. Call it what you may, it is a bit like selling a house on a non existent block of land, which in turn can only be classified as a scam.

A previous post mentioned Regland is not on ICANN's registrar list, but does that really matter? after all they are pre-registering (no-one is authorised to do this - according to ICANN) and not registering but.... that got me wondering if IOD was on the list of accredited registrars - not that I could see.

Hmmm, that being the case, I give Mr Ambler credit for consistency, he has been insisting all along that they have registrations, careful now not pre-registrations but registrations. So I ask myself but don't you have to be an accredited registrar in order to take registrations? - it would seem so.

Well now, what does that make IOD's database of registrants? 20,000 pre-registrants? or 20,000 potential "home without address" owners?

For those who may want to argue IOD is a registry and not a registrar, think again. The two are different functions and even as the registry if you are not accredited as a registrar you cannot register domains you can only maintain the register of domains - and there is a big difference. Hell even NSI is accredited as they should be -just have a look at the list.

To me this seriously undermines the claim to domains of IOD's registrants even if IOD was to be awarded .web.

And don't give me all this "back in 1996 when..." it is water under the bridge. Address the here and now.


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