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Username: PSH
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 9:33 AM GMT
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Subject: same opinions


      To manage initial rush on day one:
there is a simple solution for .web (and for TLDs proposed
by also).
The solution is to accept IOD's .web registry,
including all registrations taken since 1996:
even though this same proposal is considered unfair
by other people, other solutions are even worse!

I am quoting my previous post on this matter:


BrianC wrote
>the fact remains that if pre-registrations are not recognized, each
>and every individual and company will have EQUAL opportunity to
>obtain the name they want. It doesn't get any more fair than that.

The problem is that what you call EQUAL means RANDOM on day one
(when .web is available). It will be a random rush.
For example: I registered a few .web domains at IOD but I could
not register "science.web" because it was not available.
On day one, I may be lucky and I may be able to register
"science.web" . However, I am not sure this is fair, since
there is someone who registered this at IOD a long time ago.

I wrote in other posts:
"To wipe out existing IOD's registrations
can't avoid speculation either!!!
On day one, there will be a random rush to register "business.web"
or whatever else, and this will be based on luck only.
It is fair that they are given to who registered them since 1996."

By the way...
Please notice that Afilias' Sunrise Period is even worse.
They expect to register 500,000 domains during the Sunrise Period:
this is far beyond TM protection! And general public would be
not allowed in this Sunrise Period.

I firmly believe that to accept IOD's registry, including
all their 18,000 registrations, is the best solution
(even though some people think that those registrations are unfair: the problem is that other solutions are even worse!!!)


Fabrizio Coppola



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