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Username: RobS
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 4:56 PM GMT
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Subject: Separation of Registry and Registrar Functions


        The one disturbing thing I see in the applications in general is the lack of continued separation of the Registry and Registrar functions that has been established for the existing gTLDs (".com", ".net" and ".org").  The focus seems to be on particular organizations or groups gaining control of specific new name space, rather than on fair access to new names for the registrants.  When the new TLDs become available, there will obviously be certain names desired by more than one individual or entity.  Upon their initial release, all potential registrants for a particular name should have an equal chance of obtaining their desired name, whether or not they had picked the "right" registrar, that is, the one who gets control of the registry.  To make this happen, each registrar should have equal access to the new TLDs, regardless of whether they have taken "pre-registrations" (many CORE registrars), have been operating a functional registry (IOD), or begin registrations after the new TLDs are announced.  In particular, registrars that took the conservative approach and have waited for the new TLDs and companies that are focusing on registrar operations - registering domain names in any TLD rather than submitting a registry application to try to gain control over a portion of the name space - should not be penalized by allowing customers of the new registries to have higher priority access to the new names.


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