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Username: jandl
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 8:28 PM GMT (Sat, October 14, 2000 at 4:28 PM EDT)
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Subject: If you support .WEB then the reverse should also be supported


      For those who believe that .WEB should be recognized by ICANN as being the rightful owner of the TLD because it was there first, you should also insist that other applicants for TLD's which have existed in the other roots (as web does now) should NOT be recognized or accepted by ICANN.

TLD's such as .BIZ, .FIRM, .COOL, .XXX, .HOME, .INC have existed for years and resolve to the ORSC rootzone and others.  .EVENT is newer, but still over a year old.  Most of these TLD's have been resolving to the ORSC rootzone since 1996, just as .WEB has.

To have ICANN adopt these TLD's and assign them to current applicants other than those who already operate them is tantamount to theft of a nascant mark.  Three things could happen.  The present owner/operator could be put out of business because of colliding TLD's or the present owner could keep it in court for years or the internet could be fragmented because of colliding TLD's.  In any case, the result is bad.

I'm sure that IOD will fight it if .WEB is assigned to another applicant.  Others may do the same.

I hope ICANN wakes up and does the right thing by denying approval of existing TLD's unless the present operator is the applicant, such as IOD.  None of the other conflicting TLD's has the current operator as an applicant.  They instead prefer to be recognized as the ccTLD's are, rather than come under ICANN rules.  To this day, I do not understand why ICANN has refused to do so.  The other roots cooperate.  Why can't ICANN?


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