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Username: shawn
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 5:44 PM GMT
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Subject: Ken Stubbs (Daily News-Nov. 07/99)


      It has almost been 1 years since CORE bitterly contested IOD for the .web trademark name. CORE Chairman Ken Stubbs, contended that "nobody owns .web", and that they "attempted to trademark .web in order to protect it as a public resource". Seems to me CORE wants to protect their wallet!

One thing that I find interesting is that Ken Stubbs (CORE) attempted to trademark .web to see if it was possible to trademark a gTLD. Seems to me he would do anything within his power to see to it that IOD does not get the coveted .web, even though CORE later abandoned their attempt to trademark .web.

The battle lines have been drawn up, however it is my hope that ICANN will see that IOD is the best choice to run the .web registry. If Ken Stubbs was really so interested in protecting .web for the public, why then did he have to run to the monopolistic NSI to get behind him in his bid for .web? NSI is only interested in $$$, and not the general public. Ken has a lot of irons in the fire - I wonder which one he will pull out next?

Read the story @ It is worth reading for a good perspective on the .web battle, which began to heat up last year.

Shawn Kelly


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