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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 12:19 AM GMT
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                       Some people in this forum accuse privates and companies (like me) of SPECULATION, because we registered several .web names.
Did they ever think what they are talking about?
Their objection is SPECULATION.

But why do they only talk about speculations "in the second row"?
The first and main SPECULATION is the one of CORE, now acting under the disguise of AFILIAS.
No, they do not just want to make money by launching a few good projects under some very good .web names, THEY ARE SPECULATING ON MAKING A LOT OF MONEY BY RE-LAUNCHING THE "BASIS": THE ALREADY EXISTING PRODUCT CALLED .WEB!

Of course IODs has made that product ".web" well-known and of course now it would be as easy to sell as the product .com.
But in COREs eyes this is not of interest, but THEIR OWN SPECULATION is of interest, nothing else. Therefore they want to hyjack .web now.

Come-on, tomorrow we will ask COCACOLA stop their activities, because we want to restart selling CocaCola at their place.
Do you seriously think they would agree??
Maybe not.

Does someone accuse people of SPECULATION, if they open a shop, hoping to make money through the sale of CocaCola products?

So why should people speculating to sell products in .web be treated differently and accused of bad behaviours and/or unfair speculation?

There is NO REASON for such accuses, apart from the fact that the real SPECULATORS want to hide behind the curtain.

If you lift that curtain, you will find the correct way through:
IOD continues registering .web and .web is admitted to the A-Root Servers. No more no less.

Thank you.



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