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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 11:49 PM GMT
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Subject: In partial disagreement


There are several respectable thoughts in this posting, however I must strongly disagree with the following statement:

"9. No preferential treatment should be given to any applicant who has been involved in pre-registration activities. On the contrary such activities should be frowned upon as an act of bad faith as this clearly went against ICANN advice."

The interpretation of this statement could be taken several ways. There were certain registrars taking pre-orders for .WEB in an effort to register as many of their customers pre-orders as possible the minute the registry went live.

However, I think that this statement is instead, a direct shot at Image Online and I strongly disagree with it.

- You cannot ignore the fact that Image Online pioneered and has been running a stable .WEB registry for several years. This is proof of ability.

- You cannot ignore the fact that thousands of people around the world have supported Image Onlines .WEB registry. This is proof of their vision, the need for new tlds, their system'sstability and good customer support.

- This should not be viewed as an act of bad faith as the thousands upon thousands of people from around the world have been gathering in support of IOD (the pioneer of the .WEB registry) for many years now. The problem has not been that IOD went against ICANNs advice. The problem has been that ICANN seems to have forgotten about the Internet communitys better interests.

Image Onlines application is clearly superior in many respects. Their application will and should stand on it's own.

As I have said in many postings before, the .WEB registry would not exist if it were not for the use and support of thousands of people from around the world. To disregard or frown upon that is to disregard and frown upon each and ever one of us.

The Internet is a place for pioneers and innovative companies. Image Online is one of those pioneers. One of the few major bottlenecks on the Internet up to this point has been ICANN and the issue of new top level domains.

To disregard the thousands who have supported Image Online over the years would be to ignore the mismanagement and questionable dealings surrounding ICANN.

Kind Regards,
Chris Grady


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