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Username: doc again
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 11:53 AM GMT
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Subject: Ken Stubbs has links to 15 TLDs!!


                                 Having just read the Neustar application it seems that JVTeam are actually applying for .web and, if they don't get it, then Neustar are applying for .site .spot .dot .surf and .info as a second choice.

JVTeam are also applying for .biz and .per.

Why the cover up? It seems a bit strange.

The plot also thickens with the association of Melbourne IT (.au) and the associateion with CORE.

Now CORE and Ken Stubbs are associated with .nom, .biz (twice), .per, .info (twice), .web (twice), .site (twice), .au, .dot, .spot, .surf, .ebiz, .ecom and ofcoure .com, .net and .org. 15 TLDs plus four duplications.

With Ken Stubbs in senior positions of CORE, Afilias, iDomain and DNSO / ICANN how can this process continue?

Is this the reason that ICANN have so far failed to comment?

So long as we don't find out that he is also on the board of IOD then I think they are the safest bet for .web at least.

If the idea was to control the internet via one big company or have one man influencing all the key players then they should have had the guts to just do it instead of putting everyone through all this charade.



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