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Username: Merlin
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 10:42 PM GMT
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Subject: Sleazy Politics?


      Project Trojan Horse:
There is no doubt that you are probably correct in the broad view of things and I am disturbed that sleazy politics might steal the day but not for a moment not even for a nanosecond should you discount the wildcard here. What I mean is the resolve of IOD and it's .web registrants. If it takes the Media, Congress,litigation or the web We will not go away at all!
The louder we are and the more attention we get, the less chance that this trojan horse will be successful, like any other viruse it can be eradicated with the proper measures.

At the very least this could be the undoing of Mr Ken Stubbs altogether.

Perhaps afilias has won a battle however I hope to see that they don't win the war.

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