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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Tue, October 31, 2000 at 3:32 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Interesting?????



I really thought your post was going to be interesting (with a subject headline, "Interesting")...However after reading your analysis, I am not sure if you realize that the poll taken on name-space is anything but scientific (name-space has the most dot shop registrations (a no brainer if you owned one and had a chance to vote a couple million times) no conclusion for or against dot shop or dot web for that matter should be taken from this...

The thing about dot shop (different subject) is why are more people from non-english speaking countries, asking for dot web instead of dot shop??  If you go back to the posts this past summer on an ICANN board, and this board, you will see there is more interest in dot web from Non-English speaking countries...The word "shop" is unique to the English Speaking countries, whereas "web" is clearly known world-wide...

DISCLAIMER:  If you do own a dot shop (from Name-Space), I am not against having a dot shop TLD...I just think ICANN is going to limit the TLDs which I disagree with (read my earlier post), however if they do...DOT WEB should be first!  I will keep defending this cause until my last post....for if ICANN doesn't (upload Dot WEB to the "A" root server) I am afraid the name-space will split (it's already happening )....for there is no space in dot com (If I want a 22 character long dot com maybe, but in ecommerce that is not an option)...I will post it right here and right now...We IOD supporters have been backing ICANN...(we will admit to a "strong" campaign, but when you don't have a seat at the table, how can you blame us--we finally do thankfully (to all you voters!)--Karl Auerbach--so progress is forthcoming)...You can't stop there ICANN:  We urge you to support IOD which will bring competition and a breath of fresh air to the DNS, as this stable company has proven itself by paying the $50,000.000 (which of course doesn't mean it will be accepted--but they do show financial strength) and by having a Top Notch application which exceeds everything possible thing ICANN
wants from a registry.  TO ICANN:  You cannot doubt it's (IOD's)stability as it has shown itself to be trustworthy for 4 years, longer than any other registry or registar (for that matter) besides NSI...Just think how remarkable that is for them to have survived...and yes our vote for dot web speaks volume, but nonethless having tenancity is what this company is all about...Trust me...the average lifespan on the internet is about 2.5 years...They have been it in for 4....O.k now I am truly going off and so I leave you with those thoughts...

thanks for reading!

Gregory W. Krajewski



Link: IOD's application, "Strong, stable and it shows"

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