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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 4:22 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
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Subject: In your opinion...However you have every right to that opinion...i just ask you to seek the truth!


Keith (thanks for at least posting your name)
IN response to your posting:   You will find that most of us have done our homework with respect to looking for an alternative to the Dot Com domain....long before some posters on this board (including you possibly)

I cannot speak for everyone here, but the reason I am vocal is because:

1.  Two monopolistic ventures, Neustar and Afilias have applied for the dot web TLD...This would raise no less scrutiny, say if Microsoft and Apple decided to form a consortium to create a better computer..

2.  I do have a self interest and I hope I have made my point clear...No need to reinterate them as your free to roam this board and look for "Gregory W. Krajewski"..(Read the ..FAIR posting)..
I hope I come across as willing to discuss the issues at hand...which is reason why we should upload DOT WEB (and any other domains) which will promote stability in the namespace.

3.  I have been called a "claim jumper", a speculator, a no-good-just-wants-to-gripe individual...this dirty list goes on...I am just here (as well as others I assume) to defend their honor and to give you an insight of why they "voted" for IOD and the Dot Web domain, by becoming a registrant...We plan to start businesses...Read down in the IOD section (I think that is where the arguments need to be raised and discussed but oh well--You miss out on some good statements that might clear up any misunderstandings)...With those businesses each of us 20,000 strong members plan to market the Dot Web TLD...just take a look at where people who support IOD are from...Poland, Japan, US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, etc, etc...Is this not a vote of of global confidence for the DOT web TLD and IOD, or am I wrong??

That is all sir, most of a seek the truth, and try to show detractors and supporters alike what we're about....and IOD...I ask you to go check out their application as it is what they stand by...

Thank you

Gregory W. Krajewski
Dot WEB/IOD supporter


Link: IOD Application, "See for yourself, why we believe in IOD"--hey that ryhmes!

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