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Username: Ray
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 4:48 AM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Let's Do It !


"Domain names' primary function is to distinguish companies and organizations from each other."

well, I think the primary function of domain names is to assign roman letters to numbers. 

now, if you can figure out the best letters to assign to some specific numbers before someone else does, well you've got something going. 

you know, maybe someone should develop some sort of on-line automated mechanism where, say, you type in the letters and, automatically, the numbers get assigned to the letters.  presto.

then we'll track these to be sure no other numbers are assigned the very same letters. and we should get a fee for this.  how does $35 bucks sound?  too low?  hmmmm...well, then let's make it $35 every year. yea, that sounds good.

you know, if no one else does this, we will then have every matching number and corresponding letter combination in our database.  wow, what power. hehehe

geez, i hope no one else thinks of this.  they just might put out there own on-line, automated mechanism to match unique letters to numbers.  but, since we will have such a head start with so much money flowing in, no one will take anyone else seriously.

oh, there might be a few people that do.  but we'll market ourselves as the 'dot com people' and totally dominate the market place.  and when those other little guys with their on-line automated mechanism try to challenge us?  well, we'll just SQAUSH 'em.  (if that doesn't work, we can just pay somebody off.)

let's do it!  :)



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