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Username: jeffrey
Date/Time: Sat, October 28, 2000 at 1:39 AM GMT
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Subject: .kids application


     As a pediatrician, I'm interested in this point of view.  My first reaction would be that opinions of organizations such as the Acadamy of Pediatrics and similar organizations from other countries should be solicited. After thinking about it a while further, I realized that soliciting opinions from such organizations might simply be invasive, subject to incessant criticism, and serve no better purpose than to slow deliberations. There seems to be no doubt that the .kids tld will target family audiences.  Why should we distrust commercial interests?  Is it possible that any of the applicants could have "hidden agendas" that will be detrimental to child development? I'm interested in hearing about such scenarios. I can't imagine any myself, but maybe I'm not creative enough.  Do you worry about Disney selling pornography at the Magic Kingdom?  I would if I thought that they might have a financial incentive to do so. Maybe all the rides at Disney should be screened by the Academy of Pediatrics. It might make money for the Academy of Pediatrics. For now, I prefer moving forward rather than awaiting rhetoric from regulatory agencies proclaiming to be experts in child development.


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