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Username: korskarn
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 5:24 PM GMT
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Subject: Say NO! to generic TLDS


                quote "We WANT the most generic TLDs because they will be the most VERSATILE TLDs!"

Oh dear, you are _so_ wrong. Any generic TLD's like .web .firm etc will just get brought out by the same companies that own domains in .com/.org/.net they will buy them to protect there trademarks and copyrights. The only way to prevent this is to create specific TLDS so a record company can buy ****.music a film studio ****.movie, politcal parties can buy ****.politics etc etc etc

specific TLDS will give companies the possibility of buying a domain in a TLD which naturally reflects there business eg, can live along side (uk record company)
texas.oil &

I beg ICANN not to introduce more generic TLDs if you don't have a trademark or copyright then there are plenty of possiblities left in the .com/.org/.net system don't forget you can have upto 26 characters in your domain name. those with a trademark name should register it in the relevant (to be created) sTLD's (specific TLDs) that reflect what their business does.

Lets not give applicants a license to print money by selling .web .firm etc domains to existing .com/.net/.org registrants



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