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Username: 4icann
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 8:00 AM GMT
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Subject: the lobby of the trademark.


      I just want to thank the ICANN to let everyone to defend his opinion about the dilemma of the creation of new TLDs. I am personally for the end of the NSI (hiding) monopoly. Of course you would think this is because i have some interest in IOD and it creation of it .web. You will be right and i will not argue about that. IOD deserves it nomination for many (technically and legitimately) reasons people says in other articles.
But to me it is also for the democracy and the free law of the market. I would compare the Internet as it is.
I know in the advertising business, in any city in France (probably for most countries around the world), you have to rent or buy the space for your ad on the billboard. You have to contact the owner of this place. Internet is a (virtual but truly) world by itself. Why don't consider the TLDs and name registered as this space like in the reel world? . People invest lands and space in cities on purpose to sell or rent those places to the company who wants to do the ad and for the best offer of the Demand. Why the trademarks lobbies agree to pay those people and disagree to pay the owner of the name registration in the Internet if these people do not use illegally??? Do they want to use them freely??? So the billboard??? That makes no sense if you consider (and most of companies will be agree with that because they invest millions on the internet) that the INTERNET IS A NEW ECONOMY. So let rule the Market. By the way the Internet is worldwide, how the guy who's living Algeria will know that the dns he has registered is the name of the big company in china for instance??? Of course some trademarks are well known but the problem is still the same fundamentally (registering a name and using that name are two separate issues)
Some people are enough rich to have a portfolio, I do not. So I invest in IOD and registered some names. Trademarks are afraid about this speculation but I think the price to use their name will be regulating by the Offer and the Demand. I take hundred times more risk on that investment/speculation/gamble (take the word you like) with my savings account than these companies with their billions of profits to invest a couple of thousand dollars in a domain name (just for understand and relativize the proportion risk of every one).
To end about my opinion about TLDs, if the choice of the new TLDs depends of the problem the right to register the "trademarks" or not is a false issue that the lobby of Trust and Big companies use their influence to keeping their monopoly in their own definition of the free market.



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