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Username: lrfarny
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 3:46 AM GMT
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Subject: This seems clear


Thank you for the thoughtful post.  This clearly is the most rational purpose for these TLDs and I am glad you articulated it. 

In other words, you know what you are going to get if you go there, whether it be adult content or children's content. You could find it elsewhere, sure, but you know for sure where it is going to be. 

One possible outgrowth of adding these domains is that people will start gravitating to the .sex and .xxx domains for adult content and to .kids domains for children's content just because it is easier to find them there.  And sites on these domains will become the profitable ones.

Perhaps this will attract enough users and businesses to these domains that it will accomplish by economics what would be distastful and unthinkable to do by Orwellian fiat.

In any event, I am in favor of adding these domains.

L Farny
Los Angeles


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