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Username: Anthony 2nd
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 3:39 AM GMT
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Subject: For the record:


This was raised in form last week.

The nine members of the ICANN board voted for four of them to remain on the board uninvited as it were, while the other five go off and find new jobs.

The newly elected members of the board cannot vote but the five that are leaving can.

Mr Crew apparantly accepted an invitation to be the independent chairman of JV Team

- see links below.

JV Team has applied for .biz and .per

It has also applied for .web, .site, .info .dot .spot and .surf but has applied in the name of Neustar (JV is Melbourne IT and Neustar). The application makes it clear that JVTeam will run the domains.

Melbourne IT is a CORE member - which has applied for .nom and as a part of Afilias for .web again, .info again and .site again.

In their .web application, JVTeam offer to pay ICANN's legal bills if the .web registry is awarded to them - that makes more sense now.

Aside from the whole Ken Stubbs / ICANN / Applications conflict, it seem that ICANN are happy to have their own board members also working for some of the applicants in this open and transparent process that we keep reading about.

If the intention of ICANN had been to discredit themselves then so far they would be doing a pretty good job.

This post will of course form a part of the archive. Its of value to bring these points into the open before ICANN makes any decisions so that when they do - we all undertand their position before hand.



Melbourne IT, 07/09/00 by Melbourne IT

(7 September 2000, Melbourne, Australia) Melbourne IT (ASX: MLB) and Ericsson
Australia Pty Ltd today announced they have signed a Shareholders’ Agreement
to create a joint venture company to develop mobile internet and secure
mobile eCommerce applications.

The new joint venture builds on the current group of 70 software engineers
which has operated as ASAC (Advanced Services Application Centre) for over
five years. ASAC is an unincorporated venture between the two organisations,
based in Melbourne, that won the status of an Ericsson Global Design Centre
in 1996. With the anticipated development of the business, this group is
expected to grow to more than 200 by 2003.

Managing Director of Ericsson Australia, Mr Karl Sundstrom, said that the
ASAC team had already demonstrated world class capabilities in bringing new
software intensive products quickly to market, such as Smart Message
Services, Intelligent Network products, Televoting and early Wireless
Application Protocol applications.

“The new JV reflects Ericsson’s business strategy of developing close
alliances with trusted partners around the world, who can bring complementary
competences into our diverse production capability. Melbourne IT not only is
a respected technology player in the global Internet domain registration
market, its international channel partner network provides a window into
eCommerce that complements Ericsson’s extensive worldwide customer network,”
Mr Sundstrom said.

CEO of Melbourne IT, Professor Peter Gerrand said “The further development of
WAP enabled technologies and secure eCommerce products provides the joint
venture with an outstanding opportunity to position Australian technology on
a global scale.”

“Melbourne IT will hold 50% equity in the joint venture, which will give us
equity participation in many new secure mobile eCommerce applications that
can be sold via Ericsson’s and Melbourne IT’s respective distribution
networks,” Professor Gerrand added.

Gerrand and Sundstrom said they were delighted that Mr Greg Crew had accepted
their invitation to act as independent Chairman of the new JV. Mr Crew is
Vice-Chair of Internet governing body ICANN, a director of ERG and Chairman
of the Australian Telecommunications Education Centre in South Australia. The
designated CEO of the JV will be Mr Tom Dangthanh, formerly Technical
Director and a co-founder of Melbourne IT.

Mr Sundstrom highlighted the synergies that exist between the two companies
in forming the joint venture. “Even though Ericsson is already Australia’s
largest private investor in research and development in this area, this
strategic alliance with Melbourne IT will significantly accelerate our
development programs here in Australia and bring ‘anywhere, anytime access’
to Australians much sooner.”

“We are both committed to lowering the barriers to e-commerce for Australian
businesses, removing any perceived risks that slow adoption and disadvantage
us in the global marketplace.”

“Importantly, we will be able to distribute and sell the third generation
products that evolve from this through our own telecommunication carrier
customers and mobile resellers, as well the Melbourne IT’s extensive Internet
distribution networks,” Mr Sundstrom said.

It is expected the joint venture Company will formally commence operations in
January 2001. The company will be based in Melbourne, have a capital
underwriting of $10M and will initially employ 70 to 100 staff.

Professor Gerrand said that “This announcement confirms the revitalising and
growth of the ASAC line of business that was foreshadowed in the Melbourne IT
prospectus, the company’s Annual Report in May, and at the recent delivery of
half-year results.



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