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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 6:33 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN Testifying before Congress about many Issues - ON RECORD.... 7/99


   In the spirit of openness....I have found a webpage that clearly puts teeth into what I have been saying...

(excerpt from the testimony below)...Click on the link below to see this document in it's entirety...NSI even goes on record to say they welcome they?? you be the judge..Just keep in mind that this testimony was taken in 7/99, things probably have changed a bit, but some of what was said on record, needs to be addressed....It is just nice as it gives you the real insight to what goes on in ICANN)...One thing testimony under oath does is bring out the truth..(well most of the time)

Ms. Barry. Okay. My first comment to the first part of the
question is that individuals are not appropriately represented
by ICANN, in my opinion. There is no individual constituency
where individual domain name holders have any kind of say
whatsoever in the ICANN procedures. I have just been elected to
the Steering Committee of what is trying to become the
individual domain name owners constituency to the domain name
supporting organization, but it has not yet been given the go
ahead by ICANN to be one of the constituencies.
    Regarding cyber-squatting, first, there is no definition of
cyber-squatting. You can ask 20 different attorneys or 20
different law makers and they will have 20 different
definitions to cyber-squatting. There have never been any cases
won by so-called cyber-squatters in any court in the world; the
U.S. included.
    Any time that something even approaching cyber-squatting
has come up, there have been some rather creative meanderings
by the Judiciary to make sure that this is not allowed. I think
it is a judicial issue. I do not think that it is an issue that
should be addressed by a non-governmental organization or a
non-Judicial organization.


Link: Testimony from ICANN board members as well as several experts and congressmen

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