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Username: Sarah
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 5:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Just READ


      Dear Mr. Conant,

I am not "connected" with any industry company.  My only connection is that as a businesswoman.  I have registered very many names both on my behalf and on behalf of clients.  I find it amzing though that you would have the nerve to post a message asking me not to use this forum to make disparaging remarks , when that was the EXACT purpose of your original postings toward an "ICANN acredited" registrar, CORE and ICANN.

I find your double-standard to be right in line with what many in your industry have said about you and your practices.

If you can actually READ, you may look at the response posted to your inflamable remarks by "DanielK."  He seems to have a detailed reason why you are spending time on this board trying to make them look bad, as well as CORE and ICANN.

It sems as though my heard "rumor" was right on the money.  If you are actually looking to become an accredited ICANN registrar, do you really think those who you bad-mouth because you didn't get your way, won't be somewhat suspect as to YOUR abilities to conduct this business?

My advice to you is to let your personal little vendetta go.  Grow up, don't try to discredit others and go about your business as a professional.  I think the most telling thing I read in that response, was that you sent an e-mail saying that you would "venomously oppose" that company's application.  What kind of professional, seeking to become a registrar talks or acts like that?  I am amazed.

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