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Username: itsjpr
Date/Time: Sun, October 29, 2000 at 7:25 PM GMT
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Subject: Why not ONE dot ALT TLD?


        If ICANN goes ahead with allowing all these TLDs, the TLD namespace will become as polluted as the .com space is today.  If you want to create a highly regulated (read expensive) name tree, why not just create a .alt TLD and with the same requirements you have for the current new TLDs recommendation process.  This will ensure that not just anybody will register a name in this namespace and that it will be ONE highly visible namespace.  You could have web.alt, xxx.alt., burgerjoints.alt, etc.alt, and yadayadayada.alt.  If the price for adminssion is high, then you can create the "premium" feel that the current crop of TLDs are striving for.

We should have learned our lesson with flat namespaces a long, long, time ago. Hell, even MS has moved away from sticking everything under c:\.  Allowing hundreds of new TLDs will only flatten the name space further and damage the DNS. 


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