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Username: ville
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 10:07 PM GMT
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Subject: Foresight?


It'd be great if it was the *foresight*, I'd just say good for him. I'm bothered by the fact that a "public" entity was opened with very limited publicity. Say, if FCC was adding new frequencies to the available public frequencies, there would most likely be an auction where all interested parties would have a chance to participate.

If an active, open WEB TLD registry was opened three years ago and only few people had the foresight to register good names then, it'd be great. After all, many *really good* .COM names have been in existence since early 90's, registered by individuals and organizations who had the foresight back then to do so. Of course, back then *anyone* could've done the same - they'd just visited InterNIC's web-site. In 1997 few people knew about the possibility of pre-registering WEB TLDs, even if they wanted to do so.

*shurg* maybe one could call it "being in the right place in the right time". I just find it resentful. Domains should be registered for a purpose other than selling them at outrageous cost, and picking up hundreds of names that would generally be considered "good" can only have such goal. I've got the names (from .com) that I need, so I don't really care which way it goes, other than for the principle.

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