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Username: Whistleblower
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 5:14 AM GMT
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Subject: IOD Exposed #6 (sex.web)


        Since we seem to have some conspiracy theorists here, it's kinda funny that the "owner" of sex.web (in the IOD "registry") has an email address from (Punknet Internet Cooperative), the same organization that Mr. Ambler was the director of.

Maybe this is just an innocent coincidence, but I thought I'd bring it up since Mr. Ambler's little "army" of supporters like to come up with conspiracy theories. I'm sure I'll be the next person accused of being Ken Stubbs *g*.


In a prime example of the confusion that can ensue from such wildcatting, three people appear to be staking a claim for One has registered the name with Image Online Designs, another has registered sex.web at Name.Space, and still another has filed an "intent-to-use" trademark application for the domain name.

Shawn Jacques, a software engineer who registered sex.web with Image Online Designs in 1996, said that there is value in being the first in line during a domain-name stampede.

"There's potentially a lot of money at stake, so there's a lot of jockeying and maneuvering going on," Jacques said. "Ideally, they'll look at the date that each domain was registered and choose the one that was registered first."


Mr. Jacques wouldn't happen to be a friend or associate of Mr. Ambler's, would he?


Link: Wired article

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