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Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 10:49 PM GMT
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Subject: .SHARE victim of a $50,000 application fee


        Admittedly this is a moot point since the application fee was not relaxed and the deadline for submission past.
However, I ask ICANN to make it easy on all of us and add ONE new TLD,
.SHARE, which through the use of a drop-down menu on
a controlled platform page, would allow
multiple parties to benefit from the same domain name,
while providing consumers with an easy to use vehicle
in which to quickly find the relevant information
they're looking for.

In a sense, a .SHARE extension would mimic a search engine, giving visitors a menu of links that have an association with the identifying domain name. 

I am confident that .SHARE would provide a logical
solution to the paralysis and frustration that seems
to have gripped businesses and consumers respectively,
regarding such issues as trademark protection and how
the average person will use the internet to find the
information they're looking for.

A .SHARE extension with a drop-down menu attached to
the immediate platform page, would solve many

First, a domain name followed by .SHARE would tell
consumers that their search will be quick and easy via
the drop down menu.

Second, it gives equal or near equal footing to the multiple parties who may genuinely have an association with the primary domain name.

Sense everyone seems concerned as to how the almighty might react to "someone else" attempting to register ie, let's eliminate the issue by eliminating additional TLD's, with the exception of .SHARE as used in the following example:

When a web user enters www.Amazon.share into the address field, they are taken to a
platform page featuring a drop-down menu that would
list not only the existing TLD's associated with "Amazon", (.com, .net, .org, etc) but would also list other sites that genuinely have an association with the name "Amazon".

The platform page accessed via www.Amazon.share would read as follows:

Welcome to www.Amazon.share

Please make your selection from the links below:  books, cd's, shopping online  nova internet services  resources for lesbians and bi-women
Amazon      bank of St. Paul, MN  USA
Amazon      securities; New York, NY  USA
Amazon      comment on .com; steve larson opinions
Amazon      comment on .net; web users intl.
Amazon      kids; interactive games;explore ecuador
Amazon      kids; brazilian rain forest study guides
Amazon      natural treasures of Brazil
Amazon      jose amazon, san diego, ca, usa personal
Amazon      sex related; matchmaking; Amazon, CA  USA
Amazon      travel; personal guides; rainforest tours
Amazon      health; natural herbs from the rainforest

As you can see from this example, ALL of the current suggestions for new tld's such as .kids, .banc or .sucks (I prefer "comment") can be incorporated into this menu, providing MANY parties access to the word combination "Amazon" + "Kids" versus just one via

Even if the drop down selection was limited to only 50 unique listings, this approach shares the utility of common words, puts to rest the trademark and cybersquatting issues, and is much less confusing and more user friendly than gumming up the dns with more tld's.

Each platform page could be set up and maintained by the registering company on an "as needed" basis, initiated by the first party wanting to be listed on the platform page.

Registrars would continue to benefit by selling businesses a unique addresses,from the millions if not billions of versions STILL AVAILABLE in the .com, .net, .org, .tv, .ws, or any of the international country code extensions.

In addition, registrars could charge a nominal fee if indeed the business wanted to be listed on the .SHARE platform page drop-down menu.

With the right promotion,ICANN could truly position this concept as a way to restore order to the current system. To avoid abusing this concept, domain name registrars could screen applicants for genuine relativity to the primary domain.

In closing:

Consumers want to maximize efficiency and eliminate
confusion when navigating the Internet; businesses
want representation through key words that direct
visitors to their web-sites; registrars want new registrations and new customers for their additional services such as web hosting, etc.

With the exception of the trademark attorneys, the .SHARE concept would satisfy all parties,
shifting the future of internet navigation from a race
by individuals, businesses and cyber-squatters to
register the .kids, .biz and .web versions of existing
names, to a cooperative and tolerant spirit committed
to re-structuring what has become a cyber-mess.


Link: .SHARE victim of a $50,000 application fee

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