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Username: hoffy
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 10:58 PM GMT
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Subject: Quotes from the Afilias fact sheet.


        "Nineteen of the world's leading domain name registrars formed a consortium in September 2000 to secure a new unrestricted generic top level domain (TLD)."

So, it says, "to secure" not something like "in a bid to secure".  They are of the attitude it seems that the strength of their consortium is grounds for immediate approval.

"If its application is approved by ICANN, Afilias' mission will be to expand the Internet as a global resource that fosters communication, commerce and community for the people of the world."

Isn't that happening already by the entire internet community?  What is it they are trying to say.  What makes them any more special than someone more capable to acheive that dream.

"Through the introduction of a new unrestricted TLD, Afilias will endeavor to transform the Internet into a truly global marketplace."

Again, the internetwork is without boundaries already, thus, representing a 'global marketplace' in essence.

"Afilias will leverage the expertise and experience of its member registrars to operate an efficient and competitive registry service throughout the world."

I would be surprised if a company that was formed in Sept. 2000 could create an efficient system from the disparate systems already employed by the various parent companies.  Moreso they will continue to utilise their own in house registration systems while they attempt to create something new and unique but with all the flaws of all the existing registration systems.

"Afilias is committed to enhancing the domain name system while maintaining the stability of the Internet."

Really?  Perhaps we will see Afilias provding support to the root name servers of the world and looking at what the impact of all these new tld's (should they be approved) will have on that system.  Money where mouth is please ...

"The global representation of Afilias' member registrars will ensure effective management and marketing of new domain names worldwide."

Great, it sounds like they are going to market my new domain.web for me .. thanks.

"Afilias has the industry experience and expertise necessary to reliably implement and manage a worldwide registry service."

Who doesn't?

"Afilias' open business model will promote growth and competition for the Internet community and its registrars."

I see, you form a company to give yourself an advantage over the smaller, less funded minority to "secure" a new unrestricted domain space in a bid to promote competition?  I'm not getting something somewhere.

"In addition to their strong position in the domain name registration market for the .com, .net, and .org top level domains, the members collectively offer a wide range of related Internet services, including country-code domain name registrations, country-code registry operations, Web hosting, and ISP services."

So what.  At the end of the day, the application is for a tld domain space, what services you provide are third party to the issue.  Selling points are of no bearing.

In conclusion, Afilias seems to be a fast track for 19 registrars into a new tld space as opposed to a single entity which could acheive the same result.  Although this may be good for startup exposure to an existing and new client base, it certainly drowns any competition.  Experience has shown that large affiliations cause problems relating to efficency, managerial agreements and infrastructure stability.  I believe Afilias is nothing but a shop front which will always consist of a small office somewhere with minimal staff that exists purely to maintain legitamancy.  The 19 registrars will sell the new domain space through their own channels taking the profits for themselves.

Afilias is an illusion.

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