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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 12:00 AM GMT
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Subject: Here is how IOD will handle "bad faith" registrations....


      I applaud the intent of your post as your stating fact and truth...yes some registrants have registered some trademarked domains, however any good registry, such as IOD will have a plan, a balanced plan...and here it is (from IOD's application):

    "Notwithstanding the difficulties in providing generic sunrise provisions for particular classes of trademark owners, though, Image Online Design will implement a policy that will provide significant protection to trademark owners during the full inclusion of .Web domain names into the main DNS system. First, if any trademark registration owner files a UDRP complaint or file suit to contest the ownership of a domain name registration in a court of competent jurisdiction before .Web is added to the root, Image Online Design will place the subject .Web domain name registration on hold, preventing use of that domain name by anyone. This remedy is not presently available to trademark owners in the .com, .net and .org TLDs. This remedy will allow trademark owners to block widespread potential trademark infringement through the use of a previously registered Image Online Design .Web second level domain name registration before it is allowed to begin. Additionally, Image Online Design will provide a notice of this policy to all existing Image Online Design .Web domain name registrants and encourage them to voluntarily relinquish any domain names that are likely to provoke a domain name dispute and register a different domain name in its place without charge. This offer will be revoked, however, should a domain name be formally contested, either through the filing of a complaint under the UDRP or the filing of a legal action in a court of competent jurisdiction with respect to the domain name..

glad to be of help

Greg Krajewski

P.S The above argument with respect to "Bad faith" registrations does go on today without new TLD' is the price we pay for what is ours, the internet...and their is a body, that although I have reservations about, does rule on UDRP issues, that will detract, the "bad" dot web registrations.....Afilias can bring on their PR machine, however all that needs to be brought out is that IOD has a balanced, stable, plan that WILL protect TM holders, but not subvert the "natural" laws of the internet....As the proposal that Afilias seeks to implement is more of a PR nightmare, than anyone elses...Agree, disagree????  Your thoughts are welcomed


Greg Krajewski


Link: IOD's application, "On it's merit alone"

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