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Username: cambler
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 11:58 PM GMT (Fri, November 3, 2000 at 3:58 PM PST)
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As a participant in each and every forum and debate since this began, there is no way to argue that any participant, at the least ICANN, was not aware of IOD at any point.

Your argument works for all new entities wishing to be registrars. In this case, however, Image Online Design is neither a new entity nor a registrar. We are a registry. When we began, in 1996, the concept of a "registrar" had not even been invented. It was proposed in late 1997 by the IAHC in support of their CORE proposal. Many at the time felt that it was a bad idea to begin with. The fact that ICANN changed the landscape is irrelevant: we are a registry, not a registrar. When the time came to make a formal application to ICANN, we did so (along with the $50,000 fee).

Christopher Ambler

Christopher Ambler
CTO, Image Online Design, Inc.
The .Web Internet Domain Registry

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