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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 9:20 PM GMT
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Subject: You bring up some valid points....IN Favor of IOD....


  >and frankly I question the technical setup they have (using Win2000). They have no real-world experience when it comes to managing a registry under the pressures of what they would certainly see.<
What will they not see that they haven't tested or in their actual registrations and/or "peak performance testing"...Also What is wrong with Win2000 (post and when companies large and small rely on Microsoft products...

>I'm not impressed with the fact that they are going to be the sole registrar of .web domains for the first 30+ days of registration (and I don't exactly buy Chris Ambler's explanation for this).<

What was his explanation?  And why do you disagree...points made, but no back up...

>Their marketing plan is lacking in that they will be marketing .web only nationally to start (obviously Afilias has enough money and resources to produce an effective GLOBAL campaign right off the bat, which will help the success of .web).<

Here is an actual link from what Chris said about their marketing plan.. (see link at bottom)

To me the actual marketing of the domains, at first (of which happened with the Dot Com TLD) is by businesses using them...(When do you first remember Net Sol's "Get your Dot Com" media blitz...wasn't too long ago, al were the ones that marketed the domain worldwide in the early days....just as 20,000 (global) dot web registrants will do (if we get the go ahead)...frankly i do like what chris stated with respect to stability and competition issues

>Most of these have already been discussed in this forum. Have you not been paying attention?<

Yes, I have....

>Your not a bad writer< (GK's compliment to ..Hype)

>Thanks. I wish I could say the same for you. Seems you have a problem grasping the use of "you're."<

Your (get it) right!!! (two can play that game, but real dialogue occurs when both sides are a give and take situation...IOD supporters are willing to do that (for the betterment of this whole idea of new TLDs) the Afilias group (supporters ready to do the same)...if not go back to grammar school and quit correcting your elders...

(all in good fun...)

Greg Krajewski



Link: Marketing plan...very solid and reasonable

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