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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 4:43 AM GMT
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Subject: Also keep in mind Cyber-Cynic...Remember New TLD's haven't come out in how long???


     From a DNS perspective...what were about to do (upload TLDs to the "A" root server) has not happened in many years...So with respect to an application you have to assert what you think will create a stable registry (am I right)...Also...In business you always, start high with regards to your price (Negotiations 101) and then go lower to what you can afford...Again, a registry has to have a revenue model that will keep it out of harms way (goes directly to the aspect of public confidence in the registry)...In your previous post you make it sound like IOD will be a "cash cow"...With competition introduced, it becomes, riskier, and profit margins diminish (You then will be glad you negotiated a good deal, instead of a dumb one). IN return the customer gets a unique TLD and a reasonable price, from a stable registry (makes sense to me)

IOD has been saying all along, they have a top notch application, backed up by a stable registry (technically speaking--which interests me the MOST).....

Also don't worry about ICANN, if they choose Dot web like I suggest and bring in IOD (with it's innovative registry) to enhance competition...ICANN will come out on top...  I took the liberty to cut and paste from their website their "job description", (Key in on Non-Profit part---as a nonprofit is supposed to pay for the costs incurred with what it is supposed to be doing--This is not to say they can't make a buck, it just (the amt) has to justify the means)  (See below):

"The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a technical coordination body for the Internet. Created in October 1998 by a broad coalition of the Internet's business, technical, academic, and user communities, ICANN is assuming responsibility for a set of technical functions previously performed under U.S. government contract by IANA and other groups.

Specifically, ICANN coordinates the assignment of the following identifiers that must be globally unique for the Internet to function:

*Internet domain names
*IP address numbers
*protocol parameter and port numbers
*In addition, ICANN coordinates the stable operation of the Internet's root server system.

As a non-profit, private-sector corporation, ICANN is dedicated to preserving the operational stability of the Internet; to promoting competition; to achieving broad representation of global Internet communities; and to developing policy through private-sector, bottom-up, consensus-based means. ICANN welcomes the participation of any interested Internet user, business, or organization.

Thanks again, CC for the lively posts...hopefully some of this business "stuff" is making sense to you...and I hope I went easy on actually your posts brought out some good things!!

Gregory W. Krajewski


Link: IOD's application, "Rock Solid"

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