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Username: wiredz
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 11:15 AM GMT
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Subject: I am proud to be an Afilias Supporter



   Here are some reasons why I support Afilias:

  (a) Low registry fee - $5.95 per domain year
  (b) Facilitates competition among ICANN Registrars from the VERY
  (b) An Extension of the NSI Registry
  (c) 5 Days Hold Upon Registration like .com, .net, and .org
      If I don't want my domain, I need not pay.
  (d) 100 Days Hold Upon Expiry. I have sufficient time to pay
      my bill.
  (c) Backed by the Tucows brand, a world reknown brand.
  (d) Chances of registry failure to happen is 0%.

  However, Image Online Design is backed by these dubious people or companies :
  (a) Dubious business practises. Chances of registry failure occuring
      is 100%.
  (b) In the inniatial phases IODesign plans to monopolize .WEB, and
      after an undisclosed period (say 1 Year) registration will be
      open to other registrars. By that time all good names would be
      taken by IODesign supporters.
  (c) IODesign refuses to have a "sunrise" period for trademark
      holders like me who want to register our names. The ICANN UDRP
      is a costly solution for small trademark holders like me.
  (d) ALL names in the IODesign data base are pre-registrations AND
      NOT ACTUAL REGISTRATIONS. This was documented by the court which
      handled the lawsuit brought by IODesign on the Ken Stubbs and
      CORE. See attached link below.
  (e) Christopher Ambler, Simon Higgs, Gene Marsh (aka Mr Mud),
      Richard Sexton (aka Sex Maniact), and other bitches like Dena,
      Leah, etc have all who teamed up together to destroy the

  (f) IODesign and ORSC are simply "self-styled" pioneers, whose only
      mission is to destroy the internet.

  (g) ORSC does not even know that prior use and trademarks do not
      count, and their so-called alternate root is not recognized in
      the eyes of courts. See attached link for evidence.
  (h) ICANN has *clearly* published on its web site that Prior use,
       and Trademarks do not count. The ICANN Board decides on merits
       of applications based on ICANN's selection criteria. IODesign's
       application as well as Diebold/Mr Mud's application do not
       have any merits. Please see the link titled
      "Memorandum of Court Decision in Image Online Design, Inv. v. CORE Ass'n" at this url :

The court documented facts given in the HTM document published by ICANN above states that *ALL* registrations taken by IOD are pre-registrations. That means all registrations taken by IODesign are null and void. IODesign's supporters are virtually been duped into paying $35, for some 20,000 domains they will never get.

I urge all those 20,000 lusers to get reality and start a class-action suit on IODesign for fraud.

--Eugene Kang


Link: Memorandum of Court Decision in Image Online Design, Inv. v. CORE Ass'n

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