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Username: fagzal
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 12:07 AM GMT
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Subject: General opinion


        Consider this: what we are arguing are words separated by dots. We can change (buy?) the first N words, but we have to chose from a set when it comes to the last one.

I ask: why? I do not think this is business... oh well, it IS business, but one should not oppose or support new TLDs only because of some business interest. Many of us are just jelous. Well, personly I do not care who gets rich and who does not. Let there be new TLDs! Let there be new choices!

The only important thing IMHO is that these names should be available to the public, to EVERYONE. Price is not a big issue, what more, I like high prices because that might block enterpreneurs and speculators. (In fact I would *LOVE* ICANN to forbid domain brokering once and for all.)

Just my comments. I am in favour of ALL applications which guarantee that the applicant will provide a broad range of registering possibilities, so I will be able to buy my favourite name at my favourite registar, such as, NetSol, Tucows - whatever. The more the better!

- Fagzal


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