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Username: World Thoughts
Date/Time: Mon, November 6, 2000 at 12:39 AM GMT
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Subject: Final Thoughts


I ask that ICANN be fair-minded in the decisions that are coming. Consider the Internet of tomorrow and recognize that the next tier is being built now.

Please usher in the new age with grace, foresight, fairness and with a deep regard for the communities of the world.

Business interests needs to be regarded evenhandedly; large businesses should not be given license to devour small businesses. Without a doubt, intellectual property needs protection; but so too do generic domain holders.

Recognize that the Internet is about far more than business. People are coming online in greater numbers, not merely to "surf," but to have a hand in developing the architecture. Regard the People of the Web as entities with an inherent right to be there.

Watch your arbiters. They are abusing the system far too often. If you do not protect generic domain interests in new TLDs, then there is no point in opening them up. Trademark holders of generics would then monopolize their descriptors in all venues, all TLDs, which clearly is antithetical to trademark law.

Be just and fair to Image Online Design. They have more than earned the honor of being the offical .web registry. They were there before the other .web applicants even dreamed of .web.

Protect our children. Consider only the best applicant for .kids; the applications have to be judged in far more categories than what might be found in the respective technical plans.

Take your time with this TLD as one other poster commented.

Thank you for the message board. I hope it represents more than mere tokenism.

See you all on the next ride, folks.


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