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Username: For The People
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 8:12 AM GMT
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Subject: Complaining over what?!!!!!!


<< but if I notice that this person has done this repeatedly, well I smell a rat.  you know, I heard about this guy that registered this really high profile domain name and he is getting $40,000 every month to just re-direct it to's search engine   >>

1. If the word is a generic, there is no Intellectual Property abuse.

2. If the firm is paying $40,000 a month, perhaps their profits are $1,000,000.

3. No one is demanding that they pay ANYTHING. They choose to lease.

4. Where else is a lease or rental agreement considered, as you put it, an "audacity?"

5. If he is collecting money to direct to, I imagine he is in an affiliate program where each visitor directed is paid for by the sponsor. It is perfectly agreed upon. It is a system of advertising, for lack of a better comparision, and it is mathematical.

In the real world sometimes people get paid according to how many referrals they provide an agency.

6. I don't think ANYONE makes $40,000 for redirects. And if they do, you can expect the profits for the one paying $40,000 are stupendous.

Now.....WHAT is your complaint?

ICANN: Be an agency for the People as well as an agency devoted to corporate interests.

Bring IOD's .web into the Internet root, and allow .web to become the TLD of the People.

Then grant us protection.

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