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Username: boris7
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 8:13 AM GMT
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Subject: New Registration of eTLD to compliment gTLD and ccTLD available


        You can actually register any word as an eTLD at now, for which ICANN are currently determining the intellectual property impact on the current ICANN TLD process.

The eTLD technology (e2p) already exists with patent pending - under which any word or combination of letters may be used that was not a pre-existing TLD at the 1st of January 2000. Under the e2p technology any new TLD that ICANN might try to issue will not work.

The maximum amount of eTLD applications that can take is 5000 per day, which is being upgraded to accomodate the current general domain name rate of 40,000 per day.

There is no fee associated with an eTLD application (which is likely to encourage the recent ICANN TLD applicants who have paid a non-refundable $50,000 application), which gives the registrant pre-eminence in the registration process - this would seem to be one of the last big land grabs of the internet ... non-generic words such as brandnames will be made available for as low as fifty dollars (USD$50.00), while generic words will be made available at something that is substantially larger but still within easy reach of most businesses with a good business plan.

Registration at establishes a "filing date" which is even encouraging critics of the patent system to apply because at its full extent it is out of touch of ICANN and at its full extent the technology will render the current ICANN TLD process as 'redundant'.

The policy at will obligate successful registrants of generic eTLD to create subdomains that correspond to the ISO 3166 list. For example, the registrant of .car will have to make et al available. Registrants of non-generic words (such as brandnames) will not have this obligation, which to they remains optional. Both will of course be able to create anything else off their eTLD root ( in the above example).

One hence anticipates every word that is available in the dictionary to be available where the market sees demand for this.

e2p (tm) 'Extends the TLD system to the preferences of developers' - hence the e2p acronym - Extend To Preference.



Link: Register an eTLD now!

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