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Username: shawn
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 6:23 PM GMT
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Subject: Real People Don't Care



You are correct in saying that "real" people don't care. At least those who aren't interested in the internet to begin with. Too many things going on in their lives to worry about TLDs. However, that being said there are also some "real" people who do care about .Web and other TLDs, i.e. .Shop, .Info, .Cash, etc. These are "real" people who have paid "real" cash to get to this point in time after so many years of discussion about adding new TLDs into the rootservers. Your ranting about .Web and how this is supposed to be an open discussion is hypocritical to say the least!  The last time I looked - Your comments were under the GENERAL COMMENTS THREAD where "real" people are involved in an open discussion! Seems most people here are mostly interested in .Web than any other proposed TLD!
Should we accuse them of not being open?

Where is "average Joe internet user"? Seems he isn't around the other TLD threads because they probably don't  really care about .per, .nom, .info, .cash, etc. Average Joe is welcome here and is already here - you just don't recognize them! These folks are interested in fairness, and most are concerned about issues of fair play. Will ICANN play it fair when it comes to deciding who should get the .Web TLD? That remains to be seen. In the meantime all of us are free to voice our opinions here - that is what it was set up for in the first place.

Average Joe Internet User

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