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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 2:26 PM GMT
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Subject: CORE


       I am from Switzerland and I am NOT supporting CORE for exactly
the reasons given above.

Whoever registered with CORE or had a close look at the CORE system
must have noticed that activities were started, stopped and changed
without any information to the existing clients and without offering
access to HOW activities were changed.

The client does not count for them, but just the total amount of

Example: What happened to CORE registrars who meanwhile do not exist
anymore? And what happened to their databank? Was it transferred or
deleted? Where clients ever personally informed of it? No, they were
not informed.

CORE just doesn't care and ICANN should not care to give them any
power whatsoever over new gtlds.

They will not open up their registry to other registrars, unless they
are sold out. Did you read it: During the "sunrise period" they will
be the only registrar AND expect to be selling some 500'000 domain

I can't believe that anybody understanding what he reads can ever
support such an organization. And hopefully ICANN understand what
they read.

Friedrich Kisters
HumanBios GmbH



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