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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 1:38 PM GMT
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Subject: Great reply!


Why do IOD supporters support IOD?
Bad answer: because they registered .web domains ad IOD
Actually this logic must be reversed and here is the right answer:
Many people recognized that IOD is the natural .web registry
and so they registered .web domains and became .web supporters.
This is what I tried to explain in 2 previous posts of mine.


Please ask yourself *WHY* all this people did register
domains at IOD.
They did this because they have mantaining a .web registry
in good faith for 4 years, since 1996.
In 1996 they made all the right steps to make their registry
to be accepted in the A-root server (the server that makes
us browse .com , .net , .org , .cc , .to , .it , .fr , and so on).
IOD continued to do this in good faith, testing the registry
(that's why IOD had to take real registrations) until now.
After Yokohama meeting, IOD filed a strong application for .web .
This could not have been made without all the registrants.
Now Afilias and Neustar are coming with their applications,
including other TLD strings besides .web .
They do not have a functioning registry.
They entered the game in the last minute.
Everybody knows that it is fair to give .web to IOD.
This is the real reason why this forum is "biased".
Thanks, ICANN, for listening, and for getting the obvious
and fair choice.
Afilias and Neustar can open registries in other strings
(.info, .site, .dot, .surf) and later they can become simple registrars in IOD's .web registry.

This was from:;39EC554C00000438

Another excerpt:

I registered a few .web domains at IOD but they are
not business.web or loan.web or ecommerce.web and I will not be
likely to sell them for thousands of dollars.
I decided to register a few .web domains just because I think it is fair that IOD's gets the .web registry and I was confident
that I will get those domains: the logic is reversed.
In simple logical terms you say:
"You support IOD just because this is your convenience".
Please try to reverse this logic:
"I think that IOD deserves of .web (it is fair that IOD runs its
.web registry). I am confident that ICANN accepts IOD's registry, and that's why I registered a few .web domains at IOD: I made this
just for *confidence* in a *fair* process by ICANN"
In other words: why are there so many IOD supporters?
You say: "for convenience", but yours is a "late" explanation:
you are trying to explain events *after* they happened.
The correct question is: "why did they register .web domains
at IOD?". The right answer is: "because they were confident
that IOD will get the .web registry, because they see that this
is fair".

This was from:;39E968EB000001EE

Fabrizio Coppola


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