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Username: zzmars
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 10:54 PM GMT
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Subject: Case In Point...


So, while your registry was in quandry, between the IAHC and the "new process" (ICANN, I assume), instead of suspending preregistration, you just went on ahead and kept charging away?

By the way, I wasn't looking at pre-trial motions, I was looking at actual cases that were forwarded to the federal courts.

Believe me, I feel that IOD should be in charge of the .web registry, and I was impressed by the technological facilities you mentioned in your proposal.  In addition, your "stated" commitment to the individual is exemplery.

I do not agree and will never agree with preregistration, and IOD's actions were defined just as that in IOD v. CORE.  If IOD wants to be "committed" to us little people, then you will operate your registration procedures on an open and clean basis.  Preregistration is not open; it is secretive because it is not always known to the masses (nobody can be familiar with every company on the web).  When I start seeing actual website addresses with ".web" in my URL bar and I see ".web" in the news as the latest VALID name system, I know that that gTLD is now available and valid -- I now want to register a ".web" name.  When considering that a gTLD system is global in effect, it is necessary and only fair for common people to know of its existence.

Frankly, I am so disgusted with this whole .web disaster, that I am looking hard at .i, .tel and .dir.

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