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Username: anthony
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 11:47 PM GMT
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Subject: Ken Stubbs condems NSI but Afilias makes the same mistakes!


In Ken Stubbs testimony to the US house of representitives, he explained  that the cyberquatters were registering domain names and then trying to sell them before they were paid. If unsold then the regestration would lapse and they would just re register them.

According to Mr Stubbs "34% of the over 500,000 domain names NSI registers each month eventually being canceled for nonpayment".

The whole document is here:

Why then in the Afilias policies documnet do they say that in teh event of non payment, they will cancel regestrations after some 45 days??

(section E8)

"Finally, the RLA will specify that if a registrar does not receive payment for a domain name registration within forty five days after the payment becomes due, then the registrar will be obligated to
cancel the registration and return the domain name to the general registry pool of available names."

IOD adopt the more sensible option of making sure that domains are paid for as they are registered.

"As indicated above, at no time will Image Online Design allow anyone to register a domain name without the payment of the registration fee."

Sure people may still speculate but they will have to pay for it and so the problem is bound to be better contolled.

The whole system will be first come first served just like it is now at      


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