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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 1:22 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 95
Score: 5
Subject: Self-proclaimed??! IANA did authorize IOD in 1996


I know that IOD itself will consider this reply off-topic,
since ICANN's decision will be based on applications only.

However, IOD can't tolerate to be called a "self-proclaimed registry".
IOD started its .web registry in 1996 because IANA authorized this.
Later IANA plans changed and the .web registry remained in
alternative root servers only. IOD has been very patient for 4 years
and continued to work in good faith.
Nevertheless, you pretend to call IOD a "self-proclaimed registry"!!!
This can't be tolerated.

Fabrizio Coppola


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