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Username: doc
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 2:23 PM GMT
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Subject: IOD meets the criteria for stability, Affilias does not.


Here are the criteria for assessing TLD proposals:

It says that the first priority is stability:

One of the greatest reasons for instability on the internet is cybersquatting and hoarding of domains.

Recently NSI itself has been prosocuted for this behaviour:

The IOD pricing policy is clear:

"at no time will Image Online Design allow anyone to registera domain name without the payment of the registration fee"

Afilias is also clear (no direct link but look under section E8)

They require "a reasonable assurance of payment"

and say that "if a registrar does not receive payment for a domain name registration within forty five days after the payment becomes due, then the registrar will be obligated to cancel the registration"


This is exactly the problem now whereby someone will register desirable names with no risk or cost to themselves, try and sell them on for extraordinary amounts of cash and let the ones that they couldn't sell lasps by not paying.

NSI planned to worsen the problem by hoarding the lapsed domains and  auctiioning them off for themselves. After public concern the plan was put on hold - but for how long?



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