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Username: jtrade
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 9:25 PM GMT
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Subject: Some Names Council History


I dug up some of the past and it makes for some very interesting reading as it relates to the Names Council. Here is a portion of it, you be the judge.

"Best guess is that the white paper will basically hand responsibility
over to IANA, and charter IANA with the task of forming its own
replacement, with just a little oversight from the USG.  It is also
thought that the new IANA will be the one to decide on all new TLDs --
that is, *no* new gTLDs will be created until after the new IANA is
formed.  Part of the process of forming the new IANA will be creation
of a fair and unbiased process for adding new TLDs...  It is also
expected that there will be an interim board of directors for the new
IANA that will help get things off the ground -- this interim board of
directors may or may not authorize new TLDs.

But there is little point in speculating about the white paper at
this time, since it is supposed to be out next week.  More
interesting is speculating about the composition of the new IANA, and
the relationship it will have with POC, CORE and PAB.

It is expected that the new IANA will have a board of directors.  And
it is also anticipated that there will be a subsidiary body that will
be responsible for dns matters -- this body has been called the "Names


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