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Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 10:54 AM GMT
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Subject: CORE apparently unwilling to properly manage US CORE Members


CORE and its related Associations request ICANN to approve their New TLD Applications, however, questions could be proposed related to CORE's apparent unwillingness to properly manage US CORE Member business practices. 

Questions could also be proposed related to a foreign company like CORE operating as it does in the US, through its organizations of US representatives and behind its architecture in Switzerland, where the US consumer is finally forced to resolve or pursue domain name complaints involving CORE or US CORE Members in Switzerland. 

In light of questions that could be proposed regarding CORE's apparent
unwillingness to properly manage US CORE Member business practices, this appears to be unfair and unreasonable to US consumers.

For the sake of the US consumer and the industry, questions should be proposed regarding the matter that ICANN should require a foreign company TLD applicant to accept legal jurisdiction and venue in the US, regarding any legal action involving the TLD applicants registry.

ICANN is a US organization posturing itself to regulate domain names, therefore, now may be the appropriate time to propose questions related to ICANN protecting US consumers and the industry, with ICANN requirements for foreign company TLD applicants who operate from within the US.

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