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Username: World Thoughts
Date/Time: Sun, October 29, 2000 at 12:12 AM GMT
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Subject: So. . .


<<<<< I myself had looked into getting a .web address some time back.  However, I didn't have the money to waste on something that wasn't definate at the time.  I was a college student on limited budget and couldn't see myself speding the money on a domain that wouldn't be "live" for quite a while...if at all.  ..... For those who already paid for .web registrations, then I'm sorry you've thrown your money away.  There was nothing official that gave a time, date, or organization concerning the release of a potential .web domain.  Everything even _now_ is still speculative.   >>>>> because you couldn't afford to buy a .web, mine should be taken from me? And the only answer you can give me is, "Too bad."


I am terribly sorry that you couldn't afford to buy the .web of your
choice back when you were in college. I too couldn't afford a lot
when I was in college. Maybe I should use your strategy and go to
all entities and individuals who bought all those things I couldn't
afford during those years, and tell them to fork it over.

Can you spare one of your baseball bats, so I can pummel them to
death while I am at it?



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